Whitewater With Surface Laser Correction
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Surface Laser Correction

Surface Laser Correction (SLC) is a similar procedure to iLASIK for correcting nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. Like iLASIK, it utilizes the Excimer laser to reshape the cornea. In fact, the actual laser application in SLC is identical to iLASIK. The difference is that the treatment is done directly on the surface of the cornea without a flap. A very thin protective epithelial layer does have to be removed to grant access to the underlying corneal surface for the laser treatment. That layer will then grow back on its own over the next several days. Dr. Oursler will provide post-procedure instructions and a regimen of eye drops will need to be started.


SLC is often a better choice than iLASIK for patients with thinner corneas or pre-existing dry eyes. Also, patients who are at higher risk of eye trauma, such as military personnel, may prefer SLC. It is slightly safer than iLASIK as the corneal flap is not involved, but it entails a slower recovery. Because the protective epithelial layer has to heal, patients may not be seeing well enough to work for three to five days. Dr. Oursler can discuss with you individually if SLC is a better choice for you than iLASIK.